Why This Is The Best Abdominal Exercise We Know Of


Their have been so many speculations as to which abdominal exercise truly is, hands down, the best. You’ll hear about these “Ultimate exercises” that end up being nothing but fake exercises that someone made up on the spot. However, through hard research and personal experience, I’ve come to the honest conclusion, that this really is the absolute best abdominal exercise.

This isn’t just my assumption, but among the Fitness Community it is highly regarded as the Ultimate abdominal exercise, if not the absolute best. So before I explain what this exercise really is, I want to explain to you how it works and exactly why it is so powerful. Not only does this exercises tone your abdominals but it strengthens them in an insanely fast, powerful way that you’ve probably never experienced before. There is much more to this exercise, but with that little glimpse into it, let’s see how this exercise works.

Why This Abdominal Exercise Is The Best

Many exercises will only target a specific abdominal area or muscle group, which is why you compile a workout together of different exercises that target different sections of your abdominals. However, the reason this exercise is truly the best, is that it targets all of your abdominal muscles, as well as the tiny muscle fibers that are hidden beneath the main “six pack” muscles. Now occasionally you’ll hear of exercises that really do target all of your abdominal muscle groups, and that may be true, so what makes this abdominal exercise different from the rest?

With this certain exercise, you aren’t just targeting your entire core, but each and every one of your muscle fibers is getting a balanced workout, at an extremely powerful rate. Basically you’re not only maintaining a balanced core, but this exercise will continue blasting your abs much harder than any other exercise ever could. So, unlike most exercises, you maintain muscular balance as well as high-intensity muscle development.

How It Works Better Than Other Exercises

First of all, this exercise is isometric, meaning that it requires no movement of the joints and isn’t measure by the amount of reps you can do, but by how long you can hold the position. Being that it requires no movement of your joints, this means that you’re getting highly effective results and all of the stress is targeting your core six pack abdominals.

The second thing is that your six pack abdominal don’t develop by how much you work them, but by how you work them. Many exercises will influence your trunk flexion which is great, but research has proven that your midline stabilization is much more important to develop. Why? Because your abdominal muscles rely heavily on the midline stabilization rather than your trunk flexion, which is why almost every day-to-day movements, especially athletic movements, focus on your midline stabilization.

Along with easier movements, the midline stabilization is what your abdominals depend on to develop stronger at a faster rate. It’s been proven that if you can get this single exercise down and get to the point where you can hold this exercise for three minutes, then all other exercises will seem like a joke because they’ll be so easy for you. The reason being that you’ll have majorly developed your midline stabilization with this exercise, which is how you’ll develop six pack abs extremely fast.

The Connection To Mid-Line Stabilization

The most important role of this exercise is to target your midline stabilization, so exactly how does this abdominal exercise accomplish this? The position that your legs will be placed in plays a dynamic role in your midline stabilization accomplishment, but the bigger key role is your ability to hold your legs in that position.

Your abs are going to be absolutely blasted to their limit within 10 seconds because all of the stress is placed completely on them. It’s the job of your abdominals to keep your legs in that specific position and hold your spine straight up, so when you combine these two jobs together it turns into complete midline stabilization. This basically means your entire core is going to work to its absolute limits just to keep you in position for this exercise.

Why This Single Abdominal Exercise?

If you notice in many people that have “six pack abs” they might be rid of that belly fat, but they aren’t totally rid of that last bit of belly fat that hangs around your lower abdominals. Most people don’t notice the lower belly fat as they’re too focused on the toned, chiseled look of their main six pack abdominals.

So, since it’s almost impossible for most individuals to get rid of that last bit of lower abdominal fat, I decided to give you the solution to your lower fat problems. Now, you can do 1,000 crunches and sit-ups and maybe you’ll have that slightly toned six pack, but if you want to be completely rid of all that belly fat, including the notorious lower abdominal fat, then listen up.

This exercise is designed to do just that, blast away that little bit of extra fat right under your lower abs. Because of the long, strenuous position and the stress placed on all of your abdominal muscles, this exercise completely demolishes any remaining bit of belly fat you may have hidden. It may sound too good to be true, but perform this exercise for a week just as a test-run, and discover why this is the absolute best abdominal exercise.

What Is This Amazing Exercise?

So, at last I’m going to answer your question. This is an exercise highly regarded among CrossFit Training, which if you haven’t heard of it, you should look into what CrossFit Training is. Therefore if this exercise is highly regarded among this insanely fit individuals, you know this abdominal exercise is worth it. Now instead of dragging it on any longer, I’m just going to tell you what it is. It’s called the L-Sit, and I’m going to tell you how to do it.

Directions For Using Firm Ground or Exercise Mat

1. Sit down with your hands at your side

2. Lift yourself with your hands at your side and using them for body support

3. Kick your legs out in front of you as straight as you can

4. Lift them as high as you can while balancing and hold it

5. Hold if until complete muscle failure or give yourself a time limit

6. General rule of thumb is to go two reps for 30-45 seconds

Directions For Stabilizer Hand Grips

1. Sit down with your hands at your side on the hand grips

2. Lift yourself with your hands holding the hand grips, using the grips for body support

3. Kick your legs out in front of you as straight as you can

4. Lift them as high as you can while balancing and hold it

5. Hold if until complete muscle failure or give yourself a time limit

6. General rule of thumb is to go two reps for 30-45 seconds

Final Words – Rules With This Exercise

Now, I want to make something very clear with this article. Just because I said this is the absolute best abdominal exercise on the planet, doesn’t mean you’ll get six pack abs just by performing this exercise everyday. I want to apologize if I made it seem that way, because my only point in writing about this exercise was to stress to you the importance behind this exercise and the reasons why it’s the best abdominal exercise to get you six pack abs.

Honestly, it is a very powerful exercise and is considered to be “advanced” but just because it works very well doesn’t mean you should solely rely on this exercise to get a flat, toned stomach. Yes, you’ll get awesome results with this exercise as it is ten times stronger than any other exercise I’ve come across. However, to get real, permanent six pack abs, you have to have three things along with this exercise.

Here Are Those Things:

1. You need a healthy, consistent, strong dietary program that promotes fat burning and muscle development

2. You need strong cardio workouts that push you to your limits and assist you in destroying abdominal fat

3. You need weighted abdominal exercises alongside this exercise to really give your abdominals the absolute push they need to break through abdominal fat and tone out