Grapevine Exercise: for a Tight Butt


The grapevine exercise will give you a firm, toned butt. It is an easy and convenient workout that you can do anywhere. This easy but effective home workout for the butt involves criss-crossing your legs while you lunge. It also strengthens and tightens your inner thighs, the hamstrings (aka, the hammies).

It was a popular dance that we did in grade school. Only the difference was that we stood a bit higher and made a longer grapevine. In this version, we squat lower. The truth is that we weren’t born with a round or tight booty, so we work hard to find the best exercises.

There are many ways to make the grapevine exercise. We have been practicing it for years and this is the most effective way to tone and strengthen the back of your legs and butt. It also loosens and stretches us, which is why celebrities often use it to relax before major performances.

Celebs do it?

It’s true! Celebs do it! It was amazing to find out that Halle Barry did the grapevine as part her workout, and that Carioca Exercise Lady Gaga did it in preparation for her Monster’s Ball Tour. This exercise is one we think is the most fun, and we suspect they will too. It’s a great way to get stronger and toned while feeling like you’re having fun.

How to do the grapevine exercise (a more difficult version)?

You can squeeze your abs and contract them tight, since good form begins in your core.
Slowly squat down while standing with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders.
In a squat position, cross your left foot behind you and make a controlled movement.
Keep squatting and bring your left leg back into the original squatting position. Cross your right leg behind your body, as if you were performing the grapevine exercise dance.
Keep your abs tight while you cross each leg behind as you lunge down.
Try to do 20 sets on each side, and then work your way up to 2 or 3 sets.