A Guide To Personalized Skincare


Building and implementing a skincare routine ensures a healthy, youthful and glowing skin. However, the most difficult part is to stick to that routine. Once you realize the benefits, you do not hesitate to spend a few additional minutes on the maintenance of your skin. After all, every individual wants to look beautiful. There are a huge number of skincare products available in the markets that cater specific skin issues like dark spots, wrinkles, dry skin, blemishes etc. To find the best product with ingredients that actually benefit your skin and target your skin troubles, you need to develop a personalized skincare routine. Following are a few guidelines that can help you in building your own skincare routine that is unique and especially helps your skin issues:

What is Your Skin Type?

The first step in establishing your personalized skincare routine is to determine your skin type. This is crucial as it helps you in choosing the products that is specially formulated according to your skin concerns and type. To find out your skin type you can ask a dermatologist who can assess your skin properly and give his opinion after thorough analysis.

Which Products You MUST Include in Your Routine?

Since your skin is unique, you should have a unique skincare routine. What skincare products work on your skin effectively depends on the skin type as well as your skin requirements. A personalized skincare routine must have the below-mentioned elements irrespective of your skin concerns and type:

  1. Cleansing-One of the Crucial Step Towards Skincare

It is an essential step in a personalized skincare routine that involves washing your face or cleansing it in the morning as well as night. A cleanser that has been formulated as per your skin type yields effective results. If you have oily skin, foaming cleanser is quite suitable as it helps in removing excess sebum on your skin. People with dry skin should go for a cleanser that moisturizes the skin and retain skin’s hydration. Cream cleansers are the best for dry skin.

  • Moisturizing To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Moisturizing your skin is crucial to keep your skin hydrated and supple. This is especially important for people with extremely dry skin. Lack hydration may result in dullness, fine lines and wrinkles. If you have oily skin, you should still not avoid moisturizer as skipping moisturizer leads to more production of oil. The sebaceous glands assume that the skin is dehydrated and so they work excessively for compensating the moisture lack in your skin. Therefore, oily skin should be covered with a light-weight moisturizer.

  • Do Not Forget to Apply Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen

No matter whatever is the type of your skin, you should always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen on your skin to protect it from the harsh effects of UV rays from the sun. If you avoid this step, it will lead to skin-aging and many other skin troubles. Hence, include sunscreen as must-have product in your personalized skincare routine and wear it every day irrespective of the weather conditions.