This guide will help you understand the Tour de France Exercise Bike.


People have been sharing their bikes with others over the years to explore various places and amazing scenes. It is more fun to ride a bicycle in competition, as people might argue about who is the best among the group.

Many bicycle riding competitions have been established to provide a platform for cyclists to compete. The Tour de France Exercise Bike is the most prestigious and respected bicycle riding competition around.

What is it?

The largest annual sporting event in the world, Tour de France Exercise Bike, is also known as “Le Grande Boucle”, or “Le Tour”. It is a cycling competition held every year in France (sometimes in neighboring countries). There are 21 stages and the course covers about 3,500 km.

This is the World Cup and Super Bamboo Cooking Bowl of bicycle racing. The prestigious Tour de France Exercise Bike Trophy and a cash prize worth EUR450,000 (just under $500,000) are the prizes that cyclists from all over the globe will be competing for in France.

This sport attracts over 12 million viewers annually and 3.5 billion TV viewers. It is a thrilling sport that you can attend for free.

What is the process?

Tour de France Exercise Bike, a team sport, features 198 cyclists in 22 groups of nine. The race covers 3,500 km and takes place over 21 days. This is usually held in July.

Tour de France Exercise Bike can be divided into 21 stages: Nine flat, three hilly, and seven mountain stages (including five summit finishes), as well as two individual time trials, and two rest days.

What are some of the terms used?

  • Grand Depart — First stage of Tour de France Exercise Bike.
  • Peloton — French for group. Peloton is the main group that rides together to achieve coherence.
  • Breakaway — A rider, or group of riders, who has escaped to lead the race.
  • Slipstreaming — Ride close behind another rider to enjoy almost no air resistance.
  • Bonking — Also called “hit the wall”, this is when a rider runs out of energy.

Where can I watch the Tour de France Exercise Bike ride?

There are 188 countries that broadcast the Tour de France Exercise Bike. It is watched by over 3.5 billion people annually. It will likely be available on your cable’s sports channels. You can also watch the Tour de France Exercise Bike live on NBC Sports.