How to “Carioca Exercise”?

Although the word “carioca”, sounds difficult, it is actually easier than the actual exercise. This drill will improve your agility and can be used as a dynamic warmup, or part of your cardio workout. Carioca doesn’t require any equipment and can be done in any environment, including the gym, hotel lobby, or in the field.

For a carioca exercise, you need to start in an area that allows you to move in both directions. Begin with your feet slightly wider than your hips, and your knees soft. Your left foot will push off. Cross it behind your right foot and transfer your weight onto it. Your right foot should be moved to the side so that you can return to your original stance. Cross your left foot in front and step onto it. Your right foot should be moved to the side. Keep moving to your left, crossing your left foot behind and then moving forward until you reach your destination. Then reverse your direction.

Moving the Drill

After you have mastered the footwork, pay attention to your upper body. To help you balance, run sideways and reach your arms out to shoulder height. To help you balance, keep your shoulders straight and rotate REVIVE SUPPLEMENTS your hips when your legs cross. Keep your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. You can increase your speed once it feels natural.

Muscles Worked

Carioca increases blood flow, strengthening your heart. It will also be felt in your lower body. Your quadriceps will begin to feel the heat because your knees are bent. You will see a stronger calves as well as your hip abductors (the muscles located in the outer thighs). Carioca will strengthen your core by keeping your abdominals engaged during carioca.


Carioca can help you improve your performance in sports such as basketball and tennis that require agility, lateral moves, and quick footwork. While many drills focus on forward and back movement and are effective, it is important to practice sideways and quickly changing directions, just like in carioca. Carioca can also improve hip mobility.

Carioca Exercise Ladder Drills

Mike Meister, a basketball coach, offers a forward version carioca exercise that uses an agility ladder. Start facing the ladder and place your left foot in the middle of the first box. Keep your right foot in the box by crossing it behind. To return to the starting position, step a bit to the left and then to your right. Your movements are very small. You must keep your foot in the same box for each step in the carioca sequence before you can move to the next. As you climb the ladder, use your right foot to lead.