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You may have seen someone quietly folding up their wilson’s fitness yoga mat before they went to savasana, which is a full wilson’s fitness relaxation pose. Some may leave for other obligations but many find the last seven to ten minutes of class difficult.

Cross Training

You may need to run in place. This is more difficult than it seems. To avoid sinking, your natural tendency will be to lean forward with your pelvis and shoulder in the water.

Jumping jacks: Keep your arms straight and your legs vertical. You should have water dumbbells to hold your hands here. Now, extend your legs forward like a jumping Jack. You can then jump back with your legs and raise your arms to the side.

Tramp water: To keep your feet above the water, move into the deep end and make circles with your hands.

Aqua Group Fitness: Wilson’s Fitness offers two indoor pools that offer a variety of aqua group classes. There are classes for every fitness level, from Soft Joints (stretching in order to increase range motion) to Extreme Water Obesity (challenging total-body workout).

Our family has always valued fitness as a family value. We moved back from Northern California and were eager to keep our fitness routine going so we joined Wilson’s Fitness Centers.

Chris and I discovered the value of strength training when we started working with Ericka Hill, our personal trainer. It’s so motivating to lift weights, and it is encouraging to see the results. Ericka is a great motivator and funny! Wilson’s PLANET FITNESS HOURS pools are a great bonus for our family. Both of our children love swimming in the summer pools, and I also trained last year at the indoor pool to complete my first triathlon.

Real Life. Real People

My husband and I are North Carolina transplants. We moved to Columbia in hopes of starting our family. We tried everything, but were unsuccessful due to my PCOS. So we decided to do our own thing and met with Mid-Missouri Reproductive Health. Wilson’s Fitness was recommended to me for personal training as part of my fertility treatment. Wilson’s Fitness was not what I expected.


Anne moved to Columbia in 1985 and joined Wilson’s Fitness. However, it wasn’t until 2004 when she became an instructor. Her positive energy impressed her yoga teachers as a student and inspired her to pursue a career as a teacher. Anne’s progression from student to teacher was exactly what they predicted. She took YogaFit Level 1 at first and taught for several years. She was forced to quit due to a new job. However, she missed teaching so she returned to Wilson’s to continue her education. Anne completed her 200-hour teacher training at Element Yoga and Health Studio, Columbia in 2011.