Accessibility Upgrades at “LA Fitness Tualatin”


It is always encouraging to hear that a company puts people first. It’s a pleasure to share such positive news. A lot has happened since my February 2018 LA Fitness tualatin post: Why the “LA” Stands for Accessibility. Without protest marches, petitions, or expensive lawyers. Fitness International, LLC, a major American corporation, is diligently working to fulfill its ADA compliance obligations in Tualatin, Oregon.

A Grab bar was Installed in the Pool area Shower Area. This is One I Use Every Time I Visit

A sign stating that the handicap bathroom is open to all members has been placed adjacent to it. Jeremy H., VP, Corporate and Compliance Counsel of Fitness International, LLC, has posted a sign stating that as many people with disabilities continue to use the handicap bathroom, the television monitors will soon broadcast messages to remind everyone to reserve the all-gender handicap room for those with disabilities.

A shower curtain and floor guard have been installed Crunch Fitness Roanoke in the handicap bathroom. This will prevent the whole room from getting wet while someone showers. Amanda A., Tualatin facility manager is also working to retool the door’s arm closing so it doesn’t swing shut automatically. Also, a lock has been installed for which the front desk will be able to access the bathroom in case of an emergency.

The company is working on improving accessibility to the locker room and the pool area via the coded door.

I appreciate the positive steps LA Fitness Tualatin, Fitness International, LLC is taking to ensure that all members have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Jeremy H., Amanda A., and I have kept in constant contact, asking for feedback, seeking solutions, providing updates, and requesting input. It was a productive and professional exchange of ideas working with them.

I believe that accessibility upgrades are only taking place at Tualatin, partly due to the focused correspondence. I hope these improvements will be made at all la fitness tualatin locations, and other public places. Access advocacy continues to work with local leaders and responsible businesses.

“The social model of disabilities says that disability is caused more by society’s organization than by an individual’s impairment. It examines ways to remove barriers that limit disabled people’s life choices. “Disabled people can live independently and equally in society if barriers are removed. They have control and choice over their lives.” (By Scope, a UK-based organization).