Let’s Dance!



Let us dancing in the squares and streets of the planet right now of international turbulence and gloom! Let’s take hope and strength from dance in a bunch of strangers who might wind up as friends.

Rudolf Laban in his novel”A Life for Dance” writes”In dance we’re in a position to express relationships where consciousness of self and others will be improved. The sensation of delight that dancing can give helps to harmonize ourselves and develop a heightened sense of belonging.”

Dance has always reflected the prevailing social problems. In earlier times dancing played a significant part in working and public life. Laban further writes”Dance has had always a deep connection with the working habits of these intervals in which they originated or were made”.

Dance may have great political importance. The Sardana is a group dance linked to the northeast area of Spain. It’s a non-performance dance that does not need elevated levels of fitness. The circles could be completely of individuals of the exact same gender, blended or with couples only. When a ring gets too big, more circles have been formed. Regular day wear is normal. The dictator General Franco forbade the speaking of Catalan and the dance of the sardana. That is why the people of Catalonia believe the sardana for a potent symbol of Catalan unity and individuality which unites people from various walks of life and various conditions.

I am not indicating anything that requires elaborate choreography, music or costumes.

What I have in mind are simple circle dances. Whether there are a range of individuals in the circle that understand the dancing and everybody dances holding hands individuals will pick up the dancing with no difficulty. Nobody could be excluded from connecting in.

The ring is the symbol of eternity, of this wheel of existence turning. As despair and gloom are equally infectious and infectious so too are a positive, optimistic outlook. Holding hands, moving in unison with other people in the open atmosphere to uplifting music will help induce a sense of comfort, upliftment and enjoyable. Everybody is encouraged to become a part of an ever changing circle as individuals come and go. It merely needs numerous professionals that understand the dance in order for it to turn into a casual community Dance and Movement session.

The dancing would have to be”totally free” dancing, that’s dancing not correlated with any specific style.It could include easy walking steps, (to adapt all ages) varies or leadership, and functions for example. Maybe with a few downward motions to signify that the fiscal position having reached rock bottom and the only way is up and hand motions dependent on the usage of this computer. The dances would have to use”free” dancing that’s dancing not correlated with any specific style. Can we by doing so be producing the folk dances of their future?

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Dance in the squares and streets in memory of Rudolf Laban to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the passing. He had a profound comprehension of the location and significance of dancing both for people and the community. He wrote countless dance pageants, motion choirs along with other large scale functions. I am certain he would completely approve of folks dance in the streets to express certainty for the future of earth.