Crunch Fitness Roanoke: Increases Leads and Signups


Crunch Fitness Roanoke Increases Leads and Signups For a Free Trial of The Hub Spot CRM Platform

Franchise Growth and a Global Pandemic

Crunch Fitness Roanoke was founded in the pre-pandemic era through its group fitness classes. Crunch Fitness Roanoke members love the trainers and their “no judgements” attitude. They spread the word to friends. Crunch Fitness Roanoke has grown from a small studio in a basement to more than 300 locations.

The company’s sales and marketing tools were unable to keep up with the growth. The website crashed frequently and was difficult to update with the most current information.

Crunch Fitness Roanoke began franchising in 2010 and added 116 clubs within three years. Crunch Fitness Roanoke’s tools were inadequate to provide franchisees with more marketing and sales support.

“Our franchisees have their own LLCs Muscular Man and they wanted more control and input into marketing and sales,” Haley Irwin (Marketing Technology Manager at Crunch FitnessRoanoke) says. They wanted to analyze and see the performance of their email contacts. We were limited in our ability to do so.

Crunch Fitness Roanoke therefore implemented HubSpot Sales Hub Professional, HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise and CMS Professional to bring together sales, marketing and content management on one platform. This could allow it to open up franchise opportunities to other owners.

  • Engaging members when fitness clubs are closed
  • Haley and her team have many new initiatives to keep members engaged and inspired as the pandemic continues.
  • These initiatives are supported by the HubSpot CRM platform in the following key ways

Online Community Building

Haley and her team launched Gym Shorts, a biweekly newsletter that keeps the Crunch Fitness Roanoke community engaged and strong.

Haley says that “Those first days of the pandemic were frightening.” “We used our newsletter as a way to encourage and motivate members to get out of bed every day.” The newsletter was a huge success, with high open rates and growing signups.

Haley says, “We were able add new subscribers to the list during this difficult time.” “It was a signal to us that this situation could be overcome and we can thrive.” Crunch Fitness Roanoke builds on the success and appeal of the Gym Shorts newsletter.

Haley says that they have started to include location-specific offers in these newsletters. They’re read widely, so it’s a great way for us to expand the reach of our promotions beyond the ‘join now!’ message.

Gaining Efficiencies

These new initiatives would have been more difficult if hadn’t already achieved efficiencies through HubSpot’s all in one CRM platform.

Haley’s team used to take five to seven days for an email to be created in consultation with the local club. Haley’s email team would create it, then the local club would read it and make changes. Haley and her team would then edit and proofread the email.