Here are some tips to help you feel comfortable in your shapewear


Celebrities swear by shapewear. However, it can be confusing to figure out how to wear it in everyday life. There are many options for shapewear, including tops and undergarments. It can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Fashion expert Denise Caldwell shares all the tips and tricks on how to properly wear shapewear. The Body Shaper will help to regain your self confidence the moment you put it on. You will find your power of seduction grows day by day. If you have any questions or want to share your experience, please don’t hesitate contacting us.

There are many ways to get the perfect fit. A professional can help you get the right fit, and make sure that your clothes are not too tight or too loose. According to Allied Market Research the market for compression wear and shapewear is expected to grow to $5,576 billion by 2022. This is largely due to the fact that women over 65 use shapewear to treat fluid accumulation in their tissues. Younger women are also more open to shapewear, with Kardashian Family members expressing their love for it.

It can be difficult to know if your shapewear is being worn correctly. Here are some tips to help you make sure you’re properly and safely wearing it.

The Waist-Twist to Prevent Formwear Roll-Over

Rolls in clothing are not something anyone wants. These fashion mishaps are prevented by shapewear. Caldwell offers a waist-twist method to help you make sure that your shapewear fits well. Once you have put on your shapewear, turn it sideways. Your shapewear should feel smooth against your skin. You should consider a larger size if you notice fabric rolling or if your shapewear is too tight against your skin.

To avoid skin indentations, a leg check

Although skin indentations can be annoying, they can be avoided by choosing the right size of clothing at the store. Caldwell recommends that you start by sitting cross-legged to avoid unwanted marks. Your shapewear should not touch the skin. If your band digs into your skin you might need to adjust your size or look for shapewear that is longer in length.

If You Want A Slimmer Stomach, Go For High-Rise

There are three types of shapewear: full-body, bikini and high rise. Good Housekeeping says that high-waist shapewear is best for firming the stomach. It gives you the appearance of an hourglass figure and smoothens your bulges.

Use the Correct Size

It could indicate that your shapewear is not fitting right. It is possible that your shapewear measurements are different from other clothing.

When ordering a new shaping garment, you should measure your bust and waist. The only measurement you will need is your waist size if you are ordering a piece that emphasizes the waist, such as a corset or waist trainer.

Measure the fullest part your hips, bust and natural waist using vinyl or fabric measuring tape. This should be about two inches above your belly button or where you have a natural bend in the torso when leaning to one side. You should lay the tape flat but not pull it so tightly that it is impossible to slip your finger underneath. Use a mirror to ensure that the tape is flat and not twisted, drooping or angled.

After you have taken your measurements, make sure to carefully follow the sizing charts for your garment. They are custom-made for each garment and have been thoroughly tested by our team. You should always choose the larger size if you are in between sizes or if a part of your body, such as your hips, is bigger than the others. Trust us, you’ll get better results!

Before you purchase your garment, make sure you have it tried on before you wear it every day. The garment should fit snugly but not pinch. It should also be flattering. You might want to change the size or style of your shirt if it’s not giving you the results that you desire.