Tips to Recruit Talent at “Chuze Fitness Cypress”


Many health clubs find that the greatest asset is not the building or the equipment inside, but the people who work there. Chuze Fitness Cypress is an example of this.

Julia Muzquiz (recruiting director at Chuze Fitness Cypress) stated that “the importance of finding top-notch staff is simple.” Without strong staff, we can’t be known for being the best. They are the face and last person that our members see before leaving Chuze Fitness Cypress. Our reputation and growth can directly be linked to the impact of our employees on our members. We cannot afford to be indifferent — marginal service is not acceptable.”

Muzquiz knows the importance of having top-quality employees. Below are her top tips for finding talent.

You Can Think Outside the Box

It is essential to continuously improve your ability to attract high-quality employees. Sometimes, it is more than just posting job descriptions. Sometimes it takes videos of staff testimonials or visits to local universities. Our marketing team is creative and fun, and we are always looking for new ways to promote LA Fitness Tualatin hiring clubs and districts.

Be Realistic About the Position in your Job Posting

We try to portray a realistic image of the Chuze experience. It’s important to share the benefits of being a chuze fitness cypress. However, it’s equally important to be open about the challenges. Although it’s hard work, it can also be rewarding and fun. We don’t want to hire anyone who is not prepared for the level of cleaning required or the quality of the customer service expected in every interaction with our members. Nobody should be made to do something they are not capable of doing. It is so much easier to understand the role and have the confidence to do it well. Everybody deserves a great job that is right for them.

Make Software Work for You

All applicants are in one place. This prevents managers from having candidates to manage in their email, which can lead to them falling through the cracks. We can schedule interviews, send texts, take detailed notes, access our documents, behavioral assessments, pre-screening questions and other information with just a click. This allows us to speed up the process, but also keep track of how meticulous our recruiters, the quality of applicants, their origins, and how many interviews are scheduled each week. Before our hiring managers make an offer, they can be supervised and offered guidance.