What are the Different Types of Public Health Degrees


What Are the Different Types of Public Health Degrees Available?

Public health is a field that encompasses multiple bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. There are three specializations within public health: community health & prevention medicine, health services administration, and Public Health Degrees Continue education. Explore your degree options today by continuing reading!

Overview of Public Health Degrees

A degree in public healthcare can open doors to many career opportunities. Graduates could work as teachers at colleges and universities, local public health departments at healthcare facilities that work with patients and their families, or non-profit organisations. There are multiple degree levels available at bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels.

Community Health and Preventive Medicine

This field offers students the unique opportunity to specialize in developing, implementing, administering, and evaluating public health programs for medically under-served populations.

Environmental Health

The study of environmental health examines the adverse effects that the environment can have on human health. This includes investigating radiation, pollution and chemical contamination as potential hazards.

Health Services Administration operates under a federal contract with the Health Resources and Services Administration.

This degree program prepares candidates for administrative positions in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and government health programs. All business and administrative duties within a government agency or medical facility will be addressed.

International Public Health Week 2018-2019: What Makes International Public Health Unique?

International public health degree programs are much like their US counterparts in community health and preventive medicine. A subset of international healthcare professionals focuses on ‘travel health’ issues such as immunizations required for international travel.

Maternal and Child Health

Students in this field explore social and medical options to meet the needs of mothers and their children. Public health graduates with expertise can educate mothers on child rearing, infant health care, and pregnancy.

Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene

Majors in occupational health and industrial hygiene gain the knowledge necessary to enforce safety, health, and environmental standards across a range of workplaces. Course topics include sanitation, public policy, epidemiology, as well as critical-response procedures.

Public Health Education and Promotion

This educational path may provide students with the skills needed to effectively communicate health and preventive medicine information to the general public. Many of them collaborate with government health agencies during public health emergencies, such as an epidemic.

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