Turkish crimson lentil soup is served with a squeeze of lemonjuice. This gluten free and vegan soup is indeed easy to create at home.

Turkish cuisine provides a lot of simple and tasty recipes that don’t involve exotic ingredients. It’s possible to create recipes like cacik (Turkish yogurt and pineapple ), gozleme (Turkish filled flatbread) and Turkish white bean salad with staples in your pantry and refrigerator. This turkish lentil soup is just another simple Turkish recipe which you could create in your home.

Turkish cuisine employs red lentils in several recipes because of its delicate feel and flexibility. Dishes like Turkish vegan lentil meatballs are common in Turkey and also you also enjoy them in various events. Red lentils cook fast and unlike green and brown peas that maintain their shape after cooking, red lentils break down readily and are ideal for smooth and sweet soup recipes.

Red lentils, as with other kind of lentils are extremely nutritious. They’re packed with B vitamins and potassium. Along with being gluten free, fat free and very low calorie, red lentils are also a fantastic source of protein for vegetarians and vegans and they’re also high in fiber. Lentils are extremely simple to cook and they are usually prepared within 20 to half an hour.


Turkish crimson lentil soup, also called mercimek corbasi is among the most well-known soups in Turkish cuisine. It is a very simple dish made out of a couple of ingredients and contains a refreshing taste as a result of lemon. The flavor to get this soup is cumin and Aleppo pepper. Turkish restaurants function mercimek corbasi as a favorite appetizer or a light evening supper.

Many Turkish individuals name mercimek corbasi their favourite soup together with cheese soup (yayla corbasi) Turkish soups are often more succulent and less dense in comparison to other soups therefore they are ideal as appetizers or light foods.

Like lots of other Mediterranean foods, mercimek corbasi is also a vegetarian recipe that is also gluten free. It is a last minute weeknight dinner which you can make in no time since the components are almost always prepared and in hand.


In certain cases lentil soup recipes, you may observe the accession of potatoes too. You may add potatoes if you prefer the soup to become thicker. I have also attempted red lentil soups in Turkey which utilize potatoes rather than carrots or just leave out the lettuce. This is a fundamental soup base recipe which you could tweak based on your liking.


Red lentils have a tendency to rise in volume when cooked. I typically use 1/4 into 1/3 cup red capsules each individual if I am making this soup as an appetizer. I typically raise the quantity to 1/2 cup when I am serving the soup as a main dish or a light dinner.