Three Steps to Get the Healthiest Cup of Coffee

Coffee Recipes

Coffee Recipes is a controversial food in the wellness industry. It has its advocates and detractors, as well as doctors who say it is dangerous. There are also studies that show it has real health benefits. Although the verdict is still out on whether it has pros or cons, we know that many of us who are committed to this morning ritual are determined to ensure that it is the most healthy, pure, and functional thing that can touch our lips before 10:00 am.

Keep It Clean

Bulletproof Coffee’s founder Dave Asprey says that the difference between high-quality, fresh coffee from clean beans and junky hotel coffee is more than the taste. The NIH recently found that 91 per cent of 60 coffee beans were contaminated by mycotoxins. These are toxic byproducts from fungus that can increase inflammation and cause damage to the liver and GI tract. These are the ones responsible for heart palpitations and jitters as well as those unsettling crashes many people associate with coffee. Mycotoxin-free certified clean coffee beans are the result of a three-step process. They are made from high-quality coffee beans that are unlikely to grow mold and use a special production technique that reduces mycotoxin contamination. A post-production test is also done to verify for mold. What is the result? The result? A happy, healthy energy boost that will keep you energized and your brain active all day.

Smooth As Buttah

Is butter in my coffee? We can only say, “Don’t doubt it until you try it!” Grass-fed butter has high levels of omega-3s and CLA, beta carotene, vitamins A, D &E, antioxidants, vitamins A, K & D, and vitamin E. You can sub butter for ghee if you’re a member of the No Dairy Team. This is a dairy-free, lactose-free butter that has all the nutrients and no dairy. Ghee and butter made from grain are less nutritious and therefore produce lower results.

Bonus Brain Buzz

Brain Octane Oil is the secret to the secret sauce. Brain Octane (MCT Oil) is a purified version of medium-chain triglycerides that Asprey says will keep your brain active and your belly full. Medium-chain triglycerides were the healing agents that made coconut oil so popular and encouraged people to use it everywhere. MCT oil, however, has 18 times more triglycerides than coconut oil. It is also in a form that bypasses your liver completely, so it can be used by the brain instantly and efficiently. MCT oil has the unique ability to transform the body into a fat-burning machine when taken on an empty stomach.