Is “Sodium nitride” Safe?


Many packaged foods that you purchase at the grocery shop are pre-packaged with additives to preserve freshness, sodium nitride, maintain taste, and extend shelf life. You may not be aware of the effects these additives have on your health.

Sodium Nitride (and its cousin, sodium nitrite), is Fusion Grill a preservative that’s commonly used in cured meat products such as bacon, deli meats, and jerky. It has been linked with the development of diabetes and heart disease. These concerns led to the removal of this additive from certain foods.

Sodium Nitride Purposes and Functions

To preserve shelf life, to enhance flavor and give meats a pink hue or nitrite is added. Also found in vegetables like celery and spinach are nitrides, nitrites and contaminants in tap water.

Sodium nitride and nitrites are essentia for the human body. These additives have an important function in the body. Your body converts nitrites into nitrites which are then converted into nitric oxide and nitrosamines.

Natural nitrites and nitrides are found in a lot of vegetables. About 85% of the nutrients and nitrites found in our diet are actually vegetables.

Nitrosamines. This compound is the reason nitrites and nitrides are toxic. The carcinogen nitrosamines, also known as a cancer-causing agent, are called a carcinogen. They can be found in the air, water, and soil. They can also be found in some drugs. However, nitrosamines are best known for their use in certain drugs.

The World Health Organization (WHO), which declared that processed meats are carcinogens, was mainly referring to the potential cancer-causing nitrides or nitrites. This has prompted a number of reactions to the preservatives.

Result of Foods “Without” Sodium Nitride

Many supermarkets sell organic, sodium nitride free ollies alternatives to processed meats. These products are still processed meats, so the companies behind them must preserve them. Celery powder is used to do this.