Slideboard Exercise Benefits


SlideBoard Exercise Benefits – Mastering body mechanics, improving muscle function and eliminating dysfunctional activation patterns. Slide board exercises can be a daunting task for fitness novices. If you’re serious about staying in top shape, slideboard exercises are a great way to get there.

To get a balanced workout, you can use the following: bottoms up, eccentric isometric off-set training, hanging band technique and eyes closed. These techniques have improved the form and mechanics of users.

There are many benefits to using a slideboard exercise, but it is best to start with the basics. This is the best way for you to achieve Cooking Logo positive results and prevent injury. Be cautious and use common sense.


The slide board, to be honest, is the most effective tool for athletes who want to improve their squat mechanics.

The technique helps to eliminate movement aberrations and can be seen in less than one minute. They can then perform the movements without sliding.


Your body will learn to have a neutral spinal alignment. If your spine is not straight while you do squats on a slide board, your hips won’t be in a good place. This will cause you to experience constant sliding and slipping.


Avoid valgus collapsing – While you’re on the slideboard exercise, any signs of valgus in the knees or ankles will be obvious.


Toe flare can be eliminated and foot activation improved. It is not uncommon to see people squatting while flaring their toes. Poor foot and ankle activation is often the problem. When squatting, you must ensure that your feet are straight. Each squat should only have a slight flare, between two and five degrees.

When they place their feet on the ground, most lifters lose their shoes. Sometimes, their feet may slowly turn outwards.


It supports a 90 degree parallel squat. I don’t like squatting below parallel. Slide board makes it nearly impossible to do squats above 90 degrees. The feet will slide out of the way until the lifter feels like they’re doing a full flip.

When squatting on the slide board, you must be careful with your hinge mechanics. You won’t waste any lateral or diagonal vectors if you do it correctly. Although it may seem complicated, you’ll be able to master the technique in no time.


If you are having trouble bracing your abs while performing squats, the squatboard will help. You will also learn how to maintain your full body tension with the squatboard.