Persona 4 Cooking Boxed Lunches Guide


Sometimes Persona 4 Cooking Golden allows you to make a boxed lunch the next day. However, this option is not always available. You will need to prepare each meal in a specific way so you can enjoy the food.

It doesn’t take a chef to make it happen. The Persona 4 Cooking boxed lunch book will show you how to prepare each meal, so you don’t have to worry.

Why make Persona 4 Cooking Lunch Boxes?

Nanako will occasionally appear at your home to tell you that she went shopping the day before. It’s not a strange thing. This is your signal to get in the kitchen because Nanako’s fridge won’t be full again until Nanako goes shopping.

You can interact with the refrigerator in the kitchen. Check out the ingredients and make suggestions. If you have something urgent to do like studying for an exam, making a boxed lunch will take up most of your evening.

It’s worth making a lunch box for a friend to share with them at lunch the next day. This increases your Social Link level with them which in turn saves you time later when you need that extra boost to reach the next Social Link rank.

How to prepare Persona 4 Cooking Golden Boxed lunches

The perfect Boxed Lunch will allow you to spend more time with your Social Link at school and strengthen your bond. Five Boxed Lunches is enough to unlock persona 4 cooking With Gas.

Once Nanako has finished telling you that she has filled the fridge, go to the kitchen and make yourself a boxed meal. You can only make the Get a Yoga boxed lunches once Nanako has filled her fridge. You can make different meals in your kitchen and then pack them up to take to school. While it takes time to prepare a meal, it’s worth the effort. You will be able boost your School Social Links the next day.

This is a great way to increase your school’s social connections. You won’t always have the opportunity to talk with your Social Links, but Boxed Lunches lunchtime gives you the best chance to do so.