Bargain “Ollies” Outlet


Ollies is a great place to start if you haven’t been. Ollies buys a lot of stock from other stores, and then resells it super cheaply. It is much larger than Big Lots, almost warehouse-like in appearance. The interior is darkened but not filthy and packed with many different items.

It takes a bit of digging to find the real treasures. But that’s part and parcel of the fun. The huge book section is overwhelming. Books range from $1.99 to over $299, and include cookbooks, coloring book, and adult coloring books. They’re all brand-new!

Ollies offers markdowns on school supplies, kitchen appliances, school supplies (deodorant and toothpaste, shampoo, soap), personal Prostate Health care (deodorant), furniture, gardening supplies, toys, clothes, and everything in between. You can check their online ad to see the items they are offering for that week. It’s amazing to see how many things they have!

The grocery section is my favorite area. Ollies sells bulk stock that is not in use for nearly half the price. You’ll need to verify expiration dates because although Ollies claims they do everything possible to remove expired stock, some items still slip through the cracks.

Ollies offers a loyalty program called Ollies Armoury that allows you to earn coupons depending on how much you spend. Sign up and receive a 15% discount on your total order. For every $250 spent, you will get a 10% coupon. It might take us some time because we don’t buy large items. However, if you love their furniture, you can reach it quickly!

Ollies is worth a visit at least once. We live 30 minutes from the nearest one, so we rarely visit, but we always find something delicious!

Big Lots

Big Lots and Ollies are my favorites. It’s smaller and more organized than Big Lots. It is well-known for its furniture section which includes TV stands, couches, and beds.

There are many great deals that I have found: boxes of Barilla whole-wheat pasta for $.50 each; boxes of Larabars at $2.80 each; protein bars at $.50 per each; and special cereals starting at $1.00

You won’t Find Everything at a Great Price

Big Lots’ 20% discount days are my favorite part. They have a 20% Friends and Family discount every other weekend. It’s not available on Saturdays, but it’s open to all members of their Rewards Program. On Sundays, it’s open to everyone. This is a great way to save money on groceries or to purchase that toaster oven.