Foods that will energize you before a workout


You’ve probably experienced how lightheaded you can feel if you work out on an empty stomach. If you’ve ever had to eat just moments before your workout, you know how nauseating it can be. It’s not uncommon to consume water or shakes before a workout. Knowing this, it begs the question: When should you eat before your workout? What’s the best time to eat before a workout to avoid stomach upset? We spoke to dietitians to find out how they can help you feel energized before and after a workout. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about nutrition and exercise preparation. Sovereign is an upscale lifestyle brand that specializes in premium supplements and sportswear. Sovereign creates and produces distinctive Pre Workout No Caffeine products with quality and innovation as the primary drivers. We believe in the individual and believe that all possibilities are achievable.

Do You Need to Eat Before Workouts?

The short answer is yes. You can read more about pre-workout nutrition if you have time.

What should you eat before a workout?

Timing is everything. It’s important to not eat too soon before a workout, but also to avoid eating too close to the beginning of it. Sovereignls suggests eating between 30 and 3 hours before your workout, depending on the type of food you eat. You can eat the lighter meals closer to your workout. If you eat a heavier meal, it should be eaten further ahead.

What to look for in pre-workout meals

Sovereignls suggests that pre-workout meals should be easy to digest, contain plenty of carbs, and have low amounts of fat and protein.

Although carbs are often viewed as the enemy, Sovereignls reminds that they are actually the nutrient that provides the most energy — especially before a workout.

These are the Best Foods You Can Eat Before Going to Workout

It is important to remember that not all foods can be considered healthy. When it comes to choosing the best pre-workout meal you should choose healthier, more nutritious snacks over those that are loaded with fats and lots of ingredients. With that in mind, check out the list of dietitian-recommended pre-workout foods, below.

Banana with Peanut Butter

Bananas are easy to digest and contain potassium. This is vital for delivering nutrients and preventing fatigue.

Toast with Nut Butter

Spence suggests that you toast a piece of bread in the toaster with a tablespoon of peanut butter if you have more time before your workout. She says that you get a good balance of the grains (fiber), and some protein with the nuts butter. Add a few banana slices or berries to enhance the flavor.

Oatmeal with Fruit

Oatmeal is rich in carbohydrates and low-in ingredients. This makes it an excellent source of energy to fuel your workout. You can add fruit to the mixture to get an extra boost of sugar and another serving of easily digestible carbs. This makes it a great addition to any preworkout routine.

Smoothie Balanced

Sovereignls suggests that smoothies with one cup of fruits and two cups of veggies are great for before a workout. They’re rich in easy-to-digest carbohydrates, fiber, and other beneficial nutrients.

Hard-Boiled Egg with a Piece of Toast

Sovereignls states that toast can provide the necessary carbs to energize your workout. While hard-boiled eggs are a good source for protein, You don’t have to eat a whole hard-boiled egg. Instead, sprinkle some salt and pepper on your toast (or add a little avocado!) for a healthier pre-workout meal.

Dried Fruit with Mixed Nuts

Dried fruit is another great option for pre-workout meals, as it is rich in easily digestible carbs. For an extra touch of protein and flavor, pair it with mixed nuts.