Is it time to have a bone density screening done?


Women over 65 are more likely to have problems with their bones. This is why many doctors recommend that you begin annual screenings for osteoporosis at 65. Screening should also be done for men by age 70.

The bone density test will tell you if your bone density is normal, low or high. This indicates if you are more susceptible to fractures and bone fragility. Low bone density does NOT mean that you will develop osteoporosis. If you lose bone, you are at greater risk of developing osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis was only detected in the past if you fractured a bone. However, by then, your bones may be very weak. The accuracy of calculating your chance of breaking bones is enhanced by a bone density test.

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The bone density test measures how much calcium and other minerals are contained in a bone segment using X-rays. The most common bones to be tested are the spine, hip, and forearm.

  • You and your doctor can benefit from a bone density test:
  • Before you break a bone, find out if your bones are weak.
  • You can predict your chances of breaking a bone in future
  • Check to see if your bone density has changed.
  • Learn how osteoporosis medicine works
  • After breaking a bone, let us know if you have osteoporosis.

If you experience a loss of height of more than 1/2 inch within a year, or if your height has fallen to 1 1/2 inches below your initial height, a bone density test might be required. If you have ever broken a bone, it is also worth being screened.

Please let your doctor know if there are any concerns.