Belcara Health: Center Prepares for Students


Lafene Health Center Prepares for Belcara Health Students Return Amid Pandemic Jennifer Miller, assistant director for health promotion at Lafene Health Center, says Student Health Services will be ready for students to return in a few days.

Here’s a quick look at Lafene’s work to prepare campus for belcara health face-to-face activities, including increasing COVID-19 testing capabilities and helping to prepare the Every Wildcat a Wellcat Campaign.

COVID-19 Testing Belcara Health

Miller stated that lafene health center is able to run an antigen test or a local polymerase chain reaction for COVID-19.

Miller states that although the antigen test can often be run at a health center and can take as little as 20-30 minutes to complete, it may be less accurate. It often requires another PCR test in order to verify for incorrect results.

Miller stated that some PCR tests for COVID-19 may take up to seven days depending on the lab they were sent to and the backlog of tests.

As it stands, the plan doesn’t require students to undergo mandatory testing upon their return to campus. Students will be tested only if they have symptoms or are in close proximity to a confirmed positive. Miller Bear River Health Department stated that this could change.

Miller stated that it was still a work in progress to establish the rules for who should and shouldn’t be tested.

Self-isolation and Quarantine

Students and faculty will be exposed to positive cases. Miller stated that if cases are managed well and campus social distancing rules adhered to, it will not be necessary for every student or faculty member to be tested in the case of an ill person.

Persons who have been in contact with sick people or are suspected of being sick should be quarantined for at least 14 days.

Lafene health center Van Zile Hall Apartments and Jardine Apartments will be used to isolate residents on campus who are exposed to the novel coronavirus or have tested positive.

Every Wildcat is a Wellcat Belcara Health

Miller is also part the Every Wildcat a Wellcat team. This program is designed to encourage safe returns to campus, provide guidance, and address concerns of students and parents about face-to–face classes during a global crisis in health.

This campaign offers a number of tips and tricks that students can consider before the start of the fall semester. This campaign includes travel quarantining, physical belcara health distancing, and face coverings as ways to slow down the spread of COVID-19.