Amazing Glazed: Is a family Affair


Mary Jane Hamblin was the first to enter the job market amazing glazed

She explains, “It was in a Buffalo doughnut shop when I was 16 years-old — 40 years ago.” “I decorated and iced doughnuts, and I took orders from customers.” Amazing Glazed is Hamblin’s brightly lit shop that sells doughnuts as well as gelato and sorbet, frozen custards, candies, and chocolates. Amazing Glazed also has an espresso bar that uses imported Italian coffee.

Hamblin says, “It really started as a family concept.” “I moved from Buffalo to open an ice cream shop, but I discovered that hot fresh doughnuts are hard to find.

These two concepts are combined with a few menu items: Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches and Donut Sundae.

“Everyone in our family contributed to making it possible. Amanda, my daughter, worked on marketing signage and processes such as our point of sale system. I was responsible for developing recipes. My husband Ron, my daughter Maria, and son Michael, along with two sons in law Christopher and Brian, jumped in to help with the construction, flooring, cleaning, and other tasks.

Even the name was a family Affair

Hamblin states that the name Amazing Glazed is the most important part of the story. “I wanted the name to be meaningful and Amazing Grace is Grapevine Cafe one my favourite songs. My daughter’s name was Amanda Grace. My husband sung, “Amazing Glazed! How sweet they are!” when I suggested that we choose a name with meaning.


Hamblin states that our maple bacon doughnut is our most popular item. It is a vanilla doughnut that has been fried in a fryer and topped with Smoky Mountain maple syrup. We also make homemade gelato. Our most popular product is our Oreo gelato. It tastes just like Oreo cookies melting in your mouth.

The affogato is also very popular. It is a house-made vanilla gelato with hot espresso poured over it.

Hamblin said that Dannoli is her favorite.

It is our creation, from the name to the recipe. I am proud of it. It’s a mix of cannoli and doughnut: A vanilla doughnut is cut open and filled with fresh filling. The cherry is added to the top.

Amazing Glazed has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, just like others.